Flooding and Heavy Rain Safety


8 Ways to Prepare for Significant Rain and Flooding

#1: Turn Around, Don't Drown
Remember that swift water rescues are necessary even in our county when roads flood. Don't drive through any flooded roads -- "turn around,  don't drown." 

#2: Kids and Creeks
Do not allow children to play near creeks or other bodies of water that  may rise rapidly. Many of our local waterways and creeks will likely experience some flooding, so keep kids away. 

#3: Storm Drains and Gutters
In the fall, so many of our storm drains and gutters are covered in leaves.  Clear leaves from storm drains, gutters and other areas that, if clogged, could cause flooding. If you live within a homeowner's association or apartment complex check in to see if they plan to clear common areas. 

#4: Move Valuables to Higher Ground
If you live in low-lying areas that have flooded before, move vehicles to higher ground. Try to avoid parking under trees when possible because  the saturated ground may lead to downed trees. Move any valuables from the basement, especially if your basement has flooded before. Take  pictures of your property before the storms to help validate any  insurance claims. 

#5: Sandbags
If you think you may need sandbags to protect your property from flooding, especially in areas that historically flood, please visit a local hardware store and get supplies there. Fairfax County does not provide sandbags. 

#6: Fairfax Alerts and Wireless Emergency Alerts
Be sure to sign up for Fairfax Alerts  and get the latest local watches, warnings and weather updates sent to  your various devices. If you own a smartphone and if a dangerous  situation warrants, based on your location, then you will receive Wireless Emergency Alerts, which is separate from Fairfax Alerts. Wireless Emergency Alerts come with a distinct ringtone and vibration pattern in order to get your attention. Pay attention to these alerts, which are usually sent by  the National Weather Service. 

#7: Supplies and Gas
Get your supplies - water, medicines, canned food, cash, pet food and more. View suggestions for emergency supply kits. In advance of all of this weather, it's always a good idea to get a full tank of gas if you own a car. 

#8: Phone Numbers
Save important phone numbers to your phone or write them down, especially your power company. Always report a power outage.