Information for Prospective Owners


Why choose McLean Hunt?


We may be a bit biased, but...McLean Hunt is a fabulous community with beautiful colonial style homes, lovely grounds, and terrific residents. We are located within minutes of Tyson's Corner Mall and the Galleria, two of Northern Virginia's finest shopping malls. The neighborhood is in the school districts for some of the top schools in the country. We have our own well cared for common areas and playgrounds; the trees and landscaping are stunning--come see for yourself!    

The Hunt is bisected by Swink's Mill Road; maps for the east side and west side show the homes, street addresses, and approximate lot sizes (not to scale). Homes in the Hunt are based on one of five original models (view below): the Abingdon, the Beaumont, the Carlyle, and the Dulaney, and the Ellenwood. Click the link on the model name to view the original floor plans. Over the years, most homeowners have made modifications to their homes, but the original base plans can be seen on the individual model pages.    

The Homeowners Association also looks out for the community by caring for the common areas, enforcing the covenants, and ensuring the neighborhood remains a place where houses are homes--a community of neighbors and friends.   

Ask your realtor what is available or visit the following links to external websites that show current homes for sale in the Hunt. But don't wait too long--Hunt homes do not stay on the market very long!  When it comes to location, location, location, this is the place!

One note: sometimes homes NOT in the Hunt show up in these links. Our homes are on:

  • Bridle Path Lane (all-37 homes)
  • Foxhound Court (all-10 homes)
  • Foxhound Road (all-22 homes)
  • Huntmaster Lane (5 homes-7704, 7706, 7708, 7709, and 7710)
  • Old Falls Road (1 home-7900)
  • Old Stable Road (all-22 homes)
  • Stable Gate Court (all-9 homes)
  • Stirrup Cup Lane (9 homes)
  • Swinks Mill Road (1 home-1175)

Come check us out!

These two maps show the layout of the Hunt's homes. Click the gray map name to view in a separate tab without downloading.

Hunt Home Model Descriptions

These are the original flyers developed for the Hunt homes in the late 1960's. They include descriptions and original floor plans. 

While many of the homes have been modified by their owners over the years, the basic floor plans remain essentially the same.