What IS a list-serv?

A list-serv is basically a giant mailing list, sometimes called a reflector.  We have created a list-serv called Over 150 Hunt homeowners and residents have been subscribed to the list using their email addresses currently in the Hunt directory. Each of these subscribed residents can send an email to the list-serv and that email is immediately “reflected”, or forwarded, to  all email addresses subscribed. The sender also receives a copy to confirm the message went out. As you can imagine, this is much easier than each of us building our own mailing list with the 100+ email addresses needed for communicating with our Hunt neighbors! 

The first step in using the list-serv is to subscribe to the list-serv. Not just anyone can send email to the subscribers of the list-serv.  Email  from addresses that are not subscribed, e.g., spammers, is rejected by the list-serv. If you are not subscribed to the list-serv and wish to be, please send a note to the webmaster with the email address you wish to have subscribed to the list. Once you are on the list, you will be able to change to and from vacation mode so email traffic does not build up, change your email address, and  even unsubscribe. Because the HOA is charged for the list-serv by  the number of email addresses subscribed, we manually manage the list.You will be able to change your email address if you prefer to receive email at a different address,

What's Appropriate to Send?
What kinds of things might be of interest? A great example is a note sent by one of our neighbors regarding a rabid fox spotted in the  neighborhood. In another alert, Fairfax emergency services sent out a warning regarding a measles outbreak. This was received by a homeowner who forwarded it to the list-serv so all Hunt residents were immediately informed of specific locations in the county where exposure might have occurred. But the list-serv is not meant for just alerts. Have you been frustrated by your inability to find a good plumber or electrician? Send a note to the list-serv and ask your neighbors!  But don't forget to try the Kudos page of this website, too!

What is NOT appropriate to send?

This is a communication pipeline directly into your neighbors' homes. Please be mindful of this when you send to the list-serv. Jokes, business opportunities, advertising, political endorsements, etc., are not appropriate. We all get more than enough of this in our email and on the phone at dinner time--we don't want the list-serv to be a source of spam!

Remember, with great power comes great responsibility!

Anyone who receives an email from the list-serv can respond back to the  original sender or send to all members of the list-serv. In most cases, you will want to respond just to the sender, not to the entire neighborhood, so simply REPLY and your reply will go back only to the  original sender. If you really do want to respond to the entire neighborhood, then REPLY-ALL and your email will go to the list-serv and  be received by everyone.

If you are experiencing trouble using the list-serv, please contact the webmaster

If you are having your emails rejected by the list-serv, this is  usually because you are sending from an email address that is not  subscribed. Some households have multiple email addresses and elect to subscribe an address that may not be the default address for your email client. Try resending and ensuring that your email is coming from the address you have subscribed.

Very Technical Info
The most detailed information available (read this only if you are having trouble sleeping!) regarding the list-serv in general is in the online discussion group and in the User Guide. Most of this information is for the list-serv moderator (the Hunt's webmaster) but there are commands that you can use to change your vacation status or unsubscribe or do other things. Look in the guide for detailed information.

Send a message to the Hunt

It doesn't get much easier than this: just click this link, to send an email to everyone in the Hunt or click the button below. That's it! Your note will be sent to the list-serv and automatically reflected to all other subscribed residents and homeowners in the Hunt. Easy! Powerful!