Kudos to Local Contractors!



I just had a craftsman over this morning (Saturday) who spot welded a joint in a metal chair for me. He not only does welding but repairs iron works like railings, handles, etc. He arrived 15 minutes early on a Saturday, and finished in less than 40 minutes. Another welding company wanted $400 to come out to the house or $40 to weld the chair in their Arlington workshop. His mobile charge was $75. His workmanship was very good, and I'd like to share his services and name with the other members of the Hunt: call Javid at Vulcan Ironwork and Mobile Welding Company, (703) 371-0707, or email him at mobilewelding2018@gmail.com  (Morty Moss, 28 April 2018)


Last fall, Susan and I decided that, after twenty years, we had looked at our "natural" backyard long enough. We gathered several bids and decided to work with Tim Gardiner at Meridian Landscaping. They weren’t the cheapest or the most expensive, but we liked Tim, who came out to talk to us. He recommended we talk with a designer with whom he worked, Ava Krogmann, to plan the project and help us finalize our vision. Great decision! Forty years of deadfall, weeds and vines were cleared away. They added stone steps replacing wood/gravel steps that had been rotting away since before we moved in, a small stone wall, drainage plumbing and more. A full mulching and addition of appropriate shrubbery has transformed our backyard from "don't look" to "don't miss". Highly recommend Meridian Landscaping and Imagine Gardens. (Jerry Hill, 30 March 2018)

Personal Trainer

I recently decided to work with a personal trainer to get my routine back on track. I called a couple of places and ended up working with a terrific gentleman named Jason DeHenzel. He and his wife have started their own personal fitness business, DeHenzel Training Systems (http://dtsnova.com  or (703) 919-1412). My experience was outstanding. Prior to ever beginning a workout, Jason met with me one evening for 90 minutes to discuss my goals, my health concerns, details of workouts, and my preferences. We agreed on a start date and I initiated a dialogue with the personal trainer assigned to me. Prior to my first session, I was provided a link with my trainer's photo and background so I could identify him when he arrived and knew his background. All of DeHenzel's  staff are certified personal trainers and so far, my experience has been top notch--and exhausting! I'm back on the road to being in better shape! (Jerry Hill, 29 May 2015)

Yard Work

I highly recommend Jose Garcia,  (571) 276-6560. He does beautiful yard work. I have used him for new  plantings, edging, trimming shrubs, mulching and general spring and fall  clean-up. His work is A+! He generally charges $15-20 per hour and is highly efficient – he usually can do my whole spring cleaning, mulching, etc., in a day. He sometimes charges by the job.  I usually pay him a  little extra because he gets so much done and his work is so good. There is only one issue in working with Jose; he speaks almost no  English so you may need help from a friend when you call him if you do not speak Spanish. You will also need to confirm your appointment with him mid-week to make sure you understood each other. He is a great person and does really nice work. (Dan Dooley, 21 Mar 15) 


Kim's Family Barbershop, on Curran St in McLean, offers great prices and a complementary neck and shoulder massage! She does a great job! Best to call for an appointment for minimal wait time. Kim handles men and women. (Jerry Hill, 17 Feb 2015) 

Retention Walls

Mt Diablo Landscaping, (202) 957-1520, did a fantastic job building the retention walls behind my home (7708 Huntmaster Ln). It was a great price and the work was outstanding from both engineering and aesthetic  perspectives. I would highly recommend them for work in the Hunt. (Jerry Hill, 17 Feb 2015)



Michael Cabral (571) 213-8951, m.cabral@cabralholdingsllc.com,   

Had a very good experience working with him. He took care of everything end-to-end in a very timely manner, including working with the HOA to expedite approval and the insurance company. Received a 50 year warranty on the shingles as well. (Jay Desai, 11 April 2019)


SPGem, LLC, (Savvas Gemettas), (571-345-8087, savvasp1963@yahoo.com. Savvas had actually done the carpentry in my basement in prep for the fireplace we added. He commented that our front walk needed repair and quoted a price much lower than two other quotes we had previously received. He and his guys completed the work quickly once the stone arrived, and even repaired the brick and mortar around the base of the house by the garage doors. Then he laid some concrete in the back and replaced our rotting stairs out the garage back door. Great job and reasonably priced!  He's been in business since 1981. Highly recommended! (Jerry Hill, 13 April 2019)


Mario Ramirez, Master Electrician, (571) 277-9542, ramirez.1982@hotmail.com. Did a great job adding electrical outlets, wiring my basement for a gas fireplace, and installing low-voltage conduit for a big screen TV mounted over the new fireplace. Very pleasant to work with! (Jerry Hill, 06 March 2019)

I highly recommend Lightwave Services Electric. They've done work for us three times; affordable, reliable, knowledgeable, and very friendly. The master electrician and co-owner, Jim, along with his wife, Barb, were very patient and chatty with our toddler, who had a lot of questions. Always nice!   They (Jim and one of the other electricians who came with him to work on the jobs) are very efficient workers and are happy to explain options to reduce cost, etc.  In fact, the first time I called them to schedule, Barb spoke with me over the phone to be certain they needed to come out to 'fix' our garage door. As it turns out, the electric source was unplugged - she saved us both time and money! You won't be sorry you worked with them  - excellent small business.  The main number, also the contact for Barb, co-owner is, 703.303.8513.  (Anna Engel, 05 November 2019)


A wonderful experience with HomeLiving Fireplaces, https://www.getgaslogs.com/, (571) 366-4695.  After a cold 2018-19 winter, we decided the basement home theater (and my office in the next room!) needed an heating upgrade so could actually enjoy the space.  We visited several fireplace stores in the area, but decided on HomeLiving since they had put a three sided fireplace in our bedroom ten years earlier.  They did a terrific job--the result is absolutely stunning and provides great warmth to the basement--summer or winter.  Highly recommended! (Jerry Hill, 25 October 2019)