Your Home

Updating your home

Who doesn't long for that large walk-in closet or an updated kitchen?  There are many contractors in the DC area providing general and specialized services for improving your home. Before you get started, though, be sure to get drawings and plans for anything that affects the exterior of your home. You MUST work with the Board to ensure compliance with the covenants.

Selling your home

Leaving? We will miss you, neighbor! But we understand life's path sometimes leads to new and exciting adventures elsewhere.  Best wishes!

Be sure to check here for important information about sellers packets.

Updating Your Home


All homeowners in the Hunt agreed, when purchasing their homes in the McLean Hunt Subdivision, to abide by the Restrictive Covenants which were adopted in 1975 and remain legally binding in their current form. If you plan to make any external alteration to your home, such as a building extension or erection of a shed or fence on your property, you must submit your plans to the Architecture Control Committee for  approval.  Contact the Association Board for additional information.

Over the life of the Hunt, several fences and sheds have been erected  without such permission. When ownership of these homes changes, sellers are responsible for being in compliance with these covenants before the mandatory real estate packet can be obtained. Similarly, as home refresh and repair of fences, sheds, and other elements become necessary, the homeowner must request permission to rebuild. In seeing  that these covenants are enforced, we hope that the McLean Hunt  Subdivision will remain an attractive residential community for new home  buyers.

Contact the Association Board  for further information. 

Selling Your Home


As a reminder, there is a State requirement to obtain a Homeowners  Association (HOA) package to be presented to the buyer at the time of settlement.  Normally, the realtor who represents the seller will  contact the Homeowners Association and request the preparation of this package. However, if the property owner is selling the home without the  assistance of a realtor, he/she will have to request the package directly from the Association. 

There is a fee of $150.00 (as of April 2018), paid by the seller, for the preparation of the HOA package, and the Board requires ten days' notice to deliver these documents. (Remember, we're all volunteers!)

Contact the Homeowners Association for additional information. You should also have your real estate agent check the Real Estate Agents page.