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2 March 2019

The annual Hunt dinner is on Friday, 8 March.  Call Susan Dooley to RSVP.  Remember, this is a hosted dinner by the HOA and the homeowners will elect a new Board of Directors.

15 September 2018

Please keep your exterior lights on at night. Without street lights the neighborhood is quite dark and the light promotes safety and deters crime.  Thanks!

14 September 2018

Reminder to all that the picnic IS A 'GO' for this Sunday.  See everyone there!

9 September 2018

The Hunt picnic is currently rescheduled for 16 September, a week later.  Let's hope rain doesn't push us again!

4 September 2018

Hope everyone enjoyed a great Labor Day weekend!  The weather was certainly steamy enough to know summer has not run its course!

The Hunt picnic is coming up this coming weekend on Sunday, 9 September, from 4-7:30 pm in the west-side park.  We're looking for a great turn-out and the opportunity to welcome new residents, including the Kommas, Phillips, and the Radt family.  Mike and Sarah Radt joined us in August with their twin daughters.  Welcome!

29 June 2018

Lots happening over the past month!

First, a welcome to the Komma family who are moving in on Old Stable Rd during July. Welcome, Hillary and Prasad!

Second, congratulations to Jean Jonnard for being recognized by the McLean Historical Society with its 2018 Henry C. Mackall Award for her contribution in recording the area’s history over many years!  Jean is pictured with the President and Vice President of the Society on page 4 of this week’s “Mclean Connection.”  Congratulations!! 

Next, a date has been picked for the September picnic.  Mark your calendars for Sunday, 9 September! For those neighbors who have never attended, please come out and meet your neighbors as we close out the summer with our annual soiree in the park!

A reminder to all to keep your cars locked at night--vandals continue to steal items from time to time and I expect this will increase during the summer months as kids have more free time.

For those of you interested in contributing to Sue Guadagnoli's memorial, please visit this page for information on how to donate.

Finally, thanks to Peggy McNulty, past HOA president and current Communications Director, for keeping us informed on events affecting us all.


18 May 2018

Welcome to the Phillips family on Bridle Path to the Hunt!


14 April 2018 - It was great to see so many neighbors and children enjoying the terrific weather and the company of neighbors this afternoon at the ad hoc picnic in Bridle Path Park. Thanks to Jim Isler for suggesting it and leading the effort

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